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3 Ways AI Impacts Us Today

The earth as we know it may be revolving around the sun, but the world itself revolves around technology. Not only is technology a crucial part of us, but they also form the core of our everyday life.

From the moment we wake up in the morning to the point when we eventually go to bed at night, we inevitably use technology for one purpose or another.

Interestingly, the dependence on technology has skyrocketed since the wake of the pandemic last year. Our everyday life came to a halt because of the pandemic; there had to be an alternative to cushion the void created. Technology came to the rescue.

Working from home became a mainstay while schooling online, and online courses skyrocketed as it was the only way to ensure students don’t miss out as the pandemic lingered. Businesses were not left out either. They depended on digital and social media platforms such as Zoom, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Skype, and other cloud services to have a digital presence. Adopting these techniques helped businesses stay in business and meet their customers’ needs.

The Disruption

One technology that serves as an enabler for all these to be possible—Artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence is a constellation of many different technologies working together, making it possible for AI to enable machines to sense, understand, perform and learn new things at the level of human intelligence.

Artificial intelligence as an enabler of technology has led to improved ways to go about our daily activities. AI is no longer the future as predicted. It is the present and the core of what lies ahead. Anyone can have anything done online at their convenience and with ease through the assistance of artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence technology encompasses and plays a role in every industry, even in ways you don’t realize.

Artificial intelligence is a trend that is taking our way of life to another level of civilization. Here are three ways AI is impacting us.

1. Branding

Businesses have swiftly adopted the use of AI to improve their services in multiple ways. AI is helping companies understand economic trends, as well as their competitors and customers. The pandemic epitomized the influence of artificial intelligence on brands and how they can be in business despite the lockdown. The business trend was to maximize online presence and ensure that they could still reach their customers through social media and virtual platforms. Most brands depended on platforms such as Facebook, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc., to reach out to customers and prospects before the pandemic.

Experts predict that the AI social media market will grow from $633 million in 2018 to $2.1 billion in 2023. That should not come as a surprise as AI and social media increasingly become intertwined and prevalent in our lives. Products and services advertised, brands contacted, and products delivered all without making physical contact.

Chatbots are also AI-driven techniques by which businesses could stay competitive as they were still responding to customer inquiries or complaints through chatbots. These chatbots can recommend solutions that are tailor-made for the customer’s challenges.

Interestingly, companies could measure how their products are doing through data analytics, big data, and machine learning. It makes it possible to analyze which form of advert had a better engagement or performed poorly, which region/country has the most following of the brand, how they perform compared to their competitors.

Another innovative use of  AI is in thought leadership. Thought leadership is a smart way for brands to communicate with their target audience organically. Through the aid of AI, company owners, CEOs, or employees can be thought leaders in any industry via industry-tailored content written with the assistance of machine learning and natural language processing. A bit of a shameless plug, however, was created as a unique AI-powered platform that helps industry experts become thought leaders. The technology + people + methodology approach creates excellent and scalable well-researched content, detailed and educative to the target audience. All contents are personalized and industry-specific.

2. E-commerce and Cloud Services

We shop for our basic needs, and how important information is communicated, processed, and stored has gone to another level. Services like Amazon, Shopify, Aliexpress, and co are now platforms where people can buy their desired products from their sellers worldwide.

AI makes it possible for companies to partner with Google, IBM, Apple Inc, Amazon, other technology giants as cloud providers to use their AI platform and pay for what they need when they need it.

Zoom is one of the big winners from the debacle caused by the pandemic as companies, businesses and individuals turned to the communications giant as a means of staying in business during the lockdown. All this was achievable as they were able to scale up their cloud service provider.

3. Digital Assistance

 You can sleep with both eyes closed without having to worry about missing an appointment, date, social media posts, etc. Do you know why?

AI is an integral part of how apps like Alexa, Siri, Cortana, Google Assistance, etc., work. With these apps, a user can schedule and do multiple tasks. They learn naturally by themselves from the user interaction and don’t need human interference.

Regardless of your daily activities or the type of job you do, AI is a part of our culture and plays an integral role by taking away the burden of doing complex tasks, making it seamless and convenient just the way you like it.

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