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AI is Not Enough to Create Content, You Still Need People

In today’s digital world, it may seem like artificial intelligence (AI) is the answer to all your content marketing needs. Yes, AI has its place in content creation. But it can’t replace human talent and creativity.

AI can do the heavy lifting. But it alone cannot make your content exciting and engaging. It is a machine with no emotions. Plus, there are some things AI cannot do, like create thought leadership content specific to your brand and voice.

Machines simply are not smart enough – yet. And humans are still irreplaceable. Here are some more reasons why.

AI Intelligence vs. Human Intelligence

AI intelligence is still not as smart or creative as human intelligence, period. It is programmed to do things in a certain way. Sure, it can help you make content consistent, but it cannot produce thought leadership content that is entirely unique and interesting all the time.

AI cannot think outside of the box as people can. It is not creative enough and cannot completely tailor to the kind of content you need. Coming up with content ideas based on feelings is a negative, too. Think the likes of Jarvis, AI-writer, and

On the other hand, human intelligence is limitless. Experts and specialists can produce thought leadership content that robots cannot match. It simply cannot replicate people’s learning capabilities yet.

The most apparent advantage of humans over AI is their ability to know the target readers’ emotions and feelings. The technology is not yet equipped to decode unique insights for a particular target audience in a specific industry or niche.

AI is a smart tool to use in your business. But it alone will not produce thought leadership content that is instantly relevant and tailored to your current need.

The AI-Generated Content

As of this writing, machines still require human assistance to get good at something. AI cannot think, discover insight or emotion, and read minds.

It uses data and algorithms to create content on a digital platform such as Jarvis. The latter is a software that can write stories and articles. It has a database of pre-written content, including fictional works by writers to pull from.

Jarvis works by writing content based on its data from human inputs. And since it is an AI, it is not necessarily intelligent. It can function because people lead it through the entire content creation process.

Businesses will not survive if they solely rely on AI to make their thought leadership content. Moreover, it is always based on data, which means this kind of material is never really original.

The Gig Economy

The gig economy offers temporary freelance jobs. Writers from this industry can easily take in instructions, personalize, and make everything relevant according to your needs. And since they are freelancers, as soon as the task is over, everybody can move on unless the gig is renewed.

However, the biggest disadvantage of the gig economy is its difficulty to scale because of its costly nature. And although there is elegance in it, the content creation process will still take time as the writers themselves cannot generate material in a snap, unlike AIs can.

Therefore, the gig economy is not viable for businesses that need massive amounts of content in a short period of time with a shallow budget.

A Sweet Combination of Both

Combining artificial intelligence’s scalability and speed with industry experts and proven strategy, you will have the best combination to propel your thought leadership journey. But how does it work?

After AI’s task of pulling all the needed information and data, it is the expert’s job to make it digestible, “human-sounding,” and relevant. To finalize everything, the content is made sure that it passes the winning blueprint for thought leadership acceleration.

Instarel combines AI and human intelligence to help businesses solve their target audience’s pains through thought leadership content. It is a tool that helps the company create a voice that will generate trust.

The sweet combination of both, along with strategy, is the perfect equation to solve the problem. It uses AI to generate and pull data, expert’s touch to modify and mold, and strategy to bring everything together and create a masterpiece that will propel the thought leadership journey.


A combination of artificial intelligence and humans is a great asset for every business. Machines can do tedious, time-consuming administrative tasks, and experts will spin it around and make it alive. 

As AI continues to evolve, its generated thought leadership content will slowly start to gain credibility. But the bottom line is, AI will still need the help of a human touch to move forward.

Ready to start your journey with AI accelerated content with the help of experts and proven strategy? Grab time on my Calendly:, and let’s make it happen.

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