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3 Major Content AI Trends for 2022

Content AI tools help entrepreneurs to create content easier, faster, and cheaper. This technology has much potential to expand and scale online businesses around the world. Here are three major trends for the year 2022.

Regulations for AI-produced content

In order to fight better against fake news, the year 2022 will bring more regulations on AI-created content. Therefore, Thomas Helfrich, CEO of Instarel.AI., and Iman Bashir, CEO of Craftly.AI, also think that 2022 will be the year of ethics and regulations. “With great power comes great responsibility”, says Iman. Anyone working in AI right now has the power and the responsibility to make sure that all of the content being produced doesn’t spread misinformation or harm.

Within the European Union, there are already plans for AI regulation that will affect entrepreneurs who work with EU-based businesses or EU-based consumers. The EU led the way on data privacy regulation with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and they are doing it again with AI regulations.

Release of GPT-4 in 2022

GPT-3, an acronym for Generative Pre-trained Transformer3, is an autoregressive language model that uses deep learning to produce human-like text. “The release of GPT-3 in 2021 was just the beginning of people realizing that AI is finally capable of providing usable content”, says Iman Bashir, CEO of Craftly.AI. AI content will become more accessible to the average person raising the bar for content in the coming year.

With Google’s algorithm updates, their adapting times and search visibility is now based more on user experience and engagement of sites versus external link building. Before, it was the more, the better; now, there will be a need for more data-driven content and varying media. Putting out content will be the bare minimum. 

Mind shift in people

“If you don’t use AI Tools for content production like text creation, then you overspend and underperform with your marketing efforts for sure”, says Thomas Helfrich, CEO of Instarel.AI. Therefore, he predicts that next year, there will be a shift in people’s mindset causing them to go with AI tools to produce content instead of doing everything themselves. “There will be a huge amount of AI-produced text that is going to be published in the coming year”, says Thomas.

The main benefits for entrepreneurs through Content AI tools

Content AI Tools provide entrepreneurs with access to resources for creating content. The benefits of Content AI tools are that it saves them time and allow them to focus on other aspects of their business. AI writers are not the only way in which entrepreneurs can benefit from using Content AI tools. There is also the ability to create custom templates for various types of content, like blog posts, ads, and social media posts. Content AI tools help save time by automatically generating content for you.

5 ways how entrepreneurs can use AI for content creation

Anyone who owns a business is responsible for so many moving parts, and launching a successful business without written content is next to impossible. Content is needed on your webpage to drive SEO, in your product descriptions to attract buyers, and in your marketing to simply exist publically. AI content creation not only takes some of that work off your plate but also helps to boost your creative ideas by giving you the right words to get started.

1. AI for your pitch idea

Want to pitch an investor with your pitch idea? AI text production can formulate your pitch idea from different perspectives and make sure you create a unique angle.

2. Customer inquiries 

Reply to user/customer inquiries. Yes, you can create endless amounts of guides with the best user experience but a lot of people just want to email in. Seemingly repetitive, content AI can have these conversations for you. 

3. FAQ pages 

Answering questions from users and building pages around the questions! Great way to generate a lot of good content and add value to your audience.

4. AI for blog articles

The best way for entrepreneurs to use AI is to produce blog articles that give you trust within the marketplace. Blog articles give you credibility and generate trust with your audience.

5. AI for ad copy

Ad copy is for many companies the most obvious one because this gets you the Return on investment very fast! 


AI Tools have become the new standard within the business world, especially text production is a very powerful tool for scaling your marketing efforts. The coming launch of GPT-4 will raise the amount of text production and will also lead to a discussion about regulations of AI-generated content. If you’re an entrepreneur and involved in marketing campaigns, content AI tools are crucial for your marketing success in the coming years.

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