December 17, 2020, ainerd

Keep It Simple – A Better Model For Intelligent Automation.

Is there a more straightforward and effective way to implement intelligent automation? Given today’s landscape of many companies facing capital constraints, people losing jobs, and uncertainty for the future – is there still a way for those companies to move forward?
Traditionally an organization will hire a consulting firm, select a technology, spend a ton of money, and implement it. Often reaching dismal to lukewarm results. That no longer makes any sense. It seems you pay way too much upfront for technology that’s rapid to deploy in almost any environment. A simpler And more efficient model exists.
Here it is. Pick a feature-rich, cost-effective technology for intelligent automation. I still don’t recommend doing it yourself because that takes people you must hire and likely not your core competency. Instead, pick a progressive partner to accelerate your intelligent automation journey today at no charge. Did you read that correctly? Yes – zero dollars. Effectively, you could begin developing automation and intelligently processing documents without an initial capital outlay. How?
It’s quite simple. Just pay overtime. Get going fast, get bots in production, get your documents processed intelligently and pay as the technology succeeds—no gain share, too complicated. Ideally, you negotiate favorable terms, so there is no interest added, leverage SaaS commercial models, so you don’t have to own or maintain the software and optimally manage the automation in production with the partner.
Seems simple right? So why isn’t this model pervasive? Is it because traditional consulting must add value to the enormous fees. Does that mean they might-kinda-sorta-maybe-potentially over complicate things a bit? How about the technology providers’ inflated costs? Have many of the intelligent automation “leaders” costs exceeded the value proposition? Is it because the technology has taken so much investment capital and is now struggling to meet targets? Is it a combination of both?
It doesn’t matter what the reasons for driving the model. It only matters what model you will adopt today. So don’t over complicate it and fall into the abyss. Pick a model for implementing automation that produces results fast, cost-effective, and is set up from the beginning to be sustainable.