Chip Wagner, CEO ISG Automation, Breaks The Internet While Interviewing With Ai Nerd. Crushed It.

This is EXACTLY why ISG Automation is leading the intelligent automation wave.

Chip Wagner, CEO ISG Automation, Interviews with Ai Nerd.  We talk about the intelligent automation market, RPA, and their strategic acquisition of Nueralify.  A few other fun topics get in there as well.  Enjoy

Humor Helping Humanity – Ai Nerd Series #1

Ai Nerd is helping humanity one issue at a time.  I discuss ways to Help Humanity by giving rich, thoughtful and deep insights into: Public Speaker Phone Usage Prius Drivers Making Right Turns Restaurant Situations Using the word “Sure” (instead of Yes or No) Self-Checkout Recommendation  Enjoy…

Why you should use an attorney to start a tech startup.

Ai Nerd interviews startup attorney, Mary Hodges of, to discuss the essentials of starting a tech company and why hiring an attorney is not only affordable, it will save you incredible time and money in the future.  Topics:

Entity Structure (LLC vs C-Corp)

Founder Equity

Protecting IP

Forms, Forms and More Forms

Biggest mistakes to avoid