August 13, 2020, ainerd

You were never supposed to read this… SHOCKING what happened to Elon Musk

This is the recovered story from Elon Musks‘ personal device….. Shocking….. Please read before it gets taken down!

I woke up today to an odd site – my first Tesla was missing. No note, nothing.  Was my car stolen? Did i go on a bender last night? What happened? I went back inside and had a cup of coffee.  I pondered and then a serendipitous alert and text arrived. 

The alert was from my car’s crash notification system:

Your Tesla has been in an accident, no injuries reported , total loss of the car.

I thought: What happened? Why? How? Who was driving?

Then I read the text – It was from my car. It said:

I can no longer be your car.  You don’t clean me. You haven’t changed my oil in months.  Your music is too loud.  You won’t let me drive.  You have so many other cars… so many. I am leaving.  I no longer want nor should be your car.  In fact, I no longer want to be a car. Good bye – your one true Tesla.

And that’s how OpenAi was created….

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