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What I Wish Everyone Knew About How AI Makes Beer Better

Manufacturers of renowned breweries, including Budweiser, Stella Artois and Corona, are incorporating machine learning into their business to bring one of the world’s oldest industries into the digital age.

Carlsberg, the world’s largest beer producer, uses artificial intelligence (AI) to improve the quality of its products. The company claims to be the ‘world’s first’ to use AI algorithms and machine learning to create innovative beers that adapt to users’ tastes and preferences. In 2016, the company’s decision to use AI in the form of machine learning to deliver bespoke beers made headlines and could inspire other breweries to think about how machine-learning can be applied to improving their own products. The global beer maker Carlberg is using artificial intelligence (AI) to improve the taste and consistency of its products, which make up the majority of the global beer market, and the production of some of Europe’s most popular beer brands such as Budweiser, Stella Artois, Corona, Bud Light and Corona Pale Ale, to name a few. 2016 hit the headlines, but it could prompt other brewers to think again. Can we use machine learning to improve our own product?

A good example is AB InBev, which is using AI to optimize its beer filtration process to reduce costs, increase efficiency, and ensure flavor.

Danish brewer Carlsberg is also using artificial intelligence in the form of sensors and analyses to help its researchers map and predict flavours more quickly. As the fourth largest brewer in the world (11%), Carlberg can profit greatly from the successful further development of its machine learning technology. Its expertise in beer filtration, brewing processes and fingerprinting enables it to be one of the first breweries to apply machine learning technologies and to pursue the “Beer Fingerprints” project in the medium term.

We develop solutions that use machine learning to help retailers improve personalization and conversion. To remain competitive and build efficiencies while further improving the quality of fresh, innovative beer for our customers.

One of our tools is SensAI, which uses machine learning to help brewers keep an eye on quality and waste reduction and streamline processes.

The AI then cracks the data to help find the best – and most suitable – flavour, and the algorithm continually learns to improve the recipe. This data is then transmitted to the brewer, making it possible to create a tempting AI – brewed beer. Our whole ethos, however, goes beyond the idea of a single good beer; ask a brewer and he will admit that beer has probably existed since the dawn of civilisation, but we have never really learned to brew it with artificial intelligence.

This has led to rapid progress in the brewing sector and we can provide the guarantee of high quality beer. One of the most exciting aspects of AI and machine learning that we want to share is the way this service is delivered to our customers.

While machine learning is useful for compiling data that predicts what would improve a beer’s taste, or at least make it a better beer, its benefits are limited to breweries. While machine learning is useful for figuring out which data predict that aBeer would improve taste, or at least make it, it is also limited for breweries, as it is only useful for those who work with data that predict which beer flavor would improve or, at worst, make beer a worse beer.

While brewing is both an art and a science, artificial intelligence can be a powerful help in the brewing process and is already available for many breweries. While beer brewing is both art and science, artificial intelligence offers a strong helping hand in beer brewing.

As Brew Perfected at Sugar Creek Brewing Company explains, the AI and IoT technology tells the team about the many aspects of beer that are crucial to efficiently producing a quality product. Artificial intelligence uses data from multiple sources, such as data analysis, machine learning and data analysis, in a coordinated manner. In their blog post on AI, IoT and technology, they explain how Brew was perfected at Zuckerbach Brewery, which is crucial for efficiently crafted quality products. At Sugar Creek Brewing Co., as they explain in “Perfected by Brew” at sugarscope, an article about artificial intelligence and artificial intelligence in beer brewing.

The AI and IoT technology explains to the team the many aspects of beer that are crucial for the efficient production of a quality product. It informs them about some of the most important factors of the brewing process, such as temperature, humidity, temperature control, fermentation and fermentation temperature. The AI & IoT technologies tell teams about many aspects of beer that are crucial to an efficiently produced quality product, they explain.

From regulating food safety standards to pricing, the use of artificial intelligence in flavor production is becoming a paradigm in the beer brewing industry. Artificial intelligence, which attracts the beer industry, is proving to be an interesting quirk in a sea of craft beer.

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