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Video Conferencing Trends While Handshakes, Happy Hour, and Coffee is Gone.

When it comes to technology trends in the conference industry, there is a whole industry that has entered the digital sector. There are a number of digital – related – trends that are transforming the industry today, including video conferencing, social networking, and social media. While the major players such as Apple, Google and Microsoft continue to drive the growth of the video conferencing industry, video continues to develop features that are integrated with the evolving technology.

The most important trend in video conferencing is to improve its effectiveness, combined with the reduction of its costs. BlueJeans believes that the technological change in the market will lead to a reduction in the cost of video conferencing technology.

We know that every conference, meeting or event will be different and require different technical features. Stay up to date with the trends of 2020 and see what to look forward to in 2020 as event planners continue to navigate the future of conference and meeting technology in online meetings and events.

Online Meeting Software Market Planning: Identify the most popular online meeting software products and services on the market and get an overview of their current and future market share.

From the perspective of event planning, an ideal technological solution would be to book an organization for a meeting room, plan the event logistics, develop event websites and so on. Event technology can be considered an important part of the entire event management and planning process.

By investing in the right technological solutions for your event management and planning process, you ensure that your company always stays connected to you and your customers.

Video conferencing makes it possible to conduct conversations in real time from anywhere in the world. Similar to one – on – one, there may be meetings with 3 or more people that companies use to conduct recruitment checks, check-ins and other business meetings. Video conferencing software allows companies to conduct face-to-face meetings, wherever they are. Live video feeds help office workers see and talk to each other in real time, even when there is no Internet connection.

As planners look forward to the year ahead and start planning their meetings and events, it is important to incorporate the biggest technology trends in your industry into your plans. Conference trends are constantly changing in every industry that is associated with events and conference technology. Below we have highlighted seven conference and event technologies and trends to try out and how they can be implemented in future programs.

Below is a list of the seven best conference and event technologies and trends in online meetings and conference technology for the year.

With the growing number of remote work and the increasing number of online meetings, video communication will be an enormous focus for future organisations. Advances in mobile broadband are expected to accelerate regional video conferencing market growth in the coming years. According to a recent report by the International Conference and Event Technology Association (ICTA), service companies are growing in India and China, which will drive the growth of regional video conferencing in the coming years. In certain countries, such as India, where a hotspot appeared in April, web video conferencing was used.

Of course, social media has been part of the ongoing technology trends in the meeting industry for some time. Mike notes that people who use events as a marketing channel, “If you take the event data and measure what their customers and prospects are doing at the same time, as they are doing online, it will become a big trend for people to confuse events with marketing channels.

Virtual meeting software like Stormboard has grown to such an extent that organizing remote meetings is easy and productive for all involved. Digital conferences make this flexibility easy to achieve by holding conference calls or meetings from anywhere in the world at any time. To use video conferencing for business, companies must cover travel and accommodation costs when sending their employees anywhere, but the meeting is held online via a select video and conference service. Saving money and attending or hosting an online event may prove less costly as no special venues, meeting rooms or booths need to be rented.

Face-to-face meetings at trade fairs remain viable in the US despite the increasing use of online meetings for business meetings. Despite the growth of online meeting technology and the proliferation of video conferencing services such as Stormboard, face-to-face meetings at a trade show remain viable. Face-to-face meetings during trade journals remain viable, even in the face of the growth of Internet meeting technologies and their proliferation. Even with the increasing use of web meetings and their spread in digital conference technology, hand-in-hand meetings remain practicable within a trade fair.

We cannot hide the fact that the modern trend in online meetings is linked to the growth of digital conference technology and the spread of video conferencing services. We are doing our utmost to ensure that everyone benefits from online meeting technologies such as Stormboard, Skype and Skype for Business, but what are we doing about it?

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