August 5, 2020, ainerd

I can’t wait for an AI to reach 10% of the capabilities of the average human….

I can’t wait for an AI to reach 10% of the capabilities of the average human….

Then we can replace all of Congress with a single AI. Boom.

A few more technology jokes 🙂

“The problem with quotes found on the internet is that they are often not true”

– Abraham Lincoln

I wonder what my parents did before the internet

I asked my 17 brothers and sisters and they didn’t know either

My internet went out for a few minutes, so I went downstairs.

Met my family downstairs. They seem like nice people.

The internet connection at my farm was really poor, so I moved the modem to the barn.

Now I have stable wifi

How do trees access the internet?

They log in.

Why can’t dyslexic people use the internet?

Because they get a virus when they open a bat.

I have a self-driving car, yesterday I added Microsoft word to its AI program.

Today it wrote it’s autobiography.

AI will never take away my job.

Only an idiot would do my job.

So, I was in philosophy class…

We were talking about AI in relation to the mind-body problem, and the professor said to flip to page 404. I couldn’t find it.

Two guys walk into a bar…

They walk up to the robot bartender and the first guy says “I’ll have an h2o.” The second guy says “I’ll have an h2o too!” The robot bartender then murders them both because Elon Musk was right about AI

Human: What do we want!? Computer: Natural language processing! Human: When do we want it!? Computer: When do we want what?

The human mind is like Internet Explorer.

There are at least 9 tabs open.
3 of them are frozen.
And there is no clue where the music is coming from.

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