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Five areas where AI will be used extensively in the future!!!

“Machine intelligence is the last invention that humanity will ever need to make.” 

-Nick Bostrom

Artificial Intelligence, commonly referred to as AI, is the science of producing intelligent machines, and more importantly, intelligent computer programs, which found its genesis around the 1950s. But what exactly is intelligence? Can we define it? Is it something tangible? Of course, we can define intelligence concerning AI. But since it is a complex study that takes years of hard work to master this craft, the definition is also somewhat tricky to understand. But worry not; I have made it easy for a layperson to grab this concept’s essence. 

Actually, rather than defining intelligence, let me explain AI’s practical indulgence in day-to-day life. So here are five areas that will definitely get a positive boom from AIs in the upcoming years.

Here are five areas that will be affected by this boom of AI:

Automobile Sector

Do we even need to talk about this? Isn’t it clear already? With Tesla coming into the market with its AI-equipped cars has already changed the path of history. All of the tech giants, viz. Amazon, Apple, Uber, etc., are following the same path and working towards creating a driverless transportation experience more soothing and safe. A lot is going on in this sector, making this sector the most volatile sector in the whole world. The recent acquisition of Otto, a startup aiming to create driverless trucks by Uber, has put a final stamp over this discussion that driverless vehicles based on AI are the next big revolution we will experience in this decade.


Do you know that Netflix gained almost 16 million new sign-ups in this lockdown? Interesting, isn’t it?

But what is more interesting to know is how Netflix (or Amazon Prime or any other streaming service) retains its customers? Good content, you say. Of course, it provides good content, but filtering the target audience for every show, creating a personalized homepage suggesting what will you like to watch is the primary spell. But how does Netflix knows what will you watch?

The answer is simple, AI!!!

Home Robots

Just like we nowadays have our pets as our companions, sooner or later, we will have home robots in our homes to assist us. And what is amusing is that it is already happening in some countries whereas others following them to tame this technology. Robots like Ubtech Lynx, Asus Zenbo, Roomba by IRobot, Alfawise Magnetic, etc., are already serving their human masters as house assistant with every robot specified to a specific duty. 

Banking Services

In this last decade, AI has penetrated the banking and financial sectors too. Some people think that AI is very complicated and restricted to robots, but it is certainly not true. Even a bot assisting you on a bank website uses the concepts enshrined in the AI.  And not just this, but it can be used to detect fraudulent cases. For instance, MasterCard is using AI-based decision intelligence technology to filter out suspicious transactions.


Well, it is not a hidden fact that we are extensively using AI in the manufacturing sector. Automated robots, some of them even with decision-making power based on certain external variables, are for sure the next big thing after automobiles. And who in this world has not heard of 3-D printing? Moreover, AI in the manufacturing sector can detect flaws that are not even visible to naked eyes. Cameras connected to software with picture recognition (Yes!!! almost as same as your phone’s AI beauty mode or AI scene recognition) can even detect minute errors in the products. 

Concluding Note:

Whether you accept it or not, we have entered the age of AI, and from now, we will see a substantial change in the way we experience our life. If you closely look at the companies which have failed drastically between 2000-2010 and the companies which are still shining like a diamond, you will find only one difference, i.e., the latter was continuously exploring new ways to develop whereas the latter became stagnant and hence, was left behind. And now, we are at the same stage again. Right now, the uses of AI are counted as a luxury, but remember that a future is awaiting where the use of AI will not be a luxury anymore but a necessity to survive and compete.

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