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Crocs are comfortable. They are also full of innovation.

Since its inception in 2002, Crocs ™ has launched innovative shoes made from a revolutionary material called Croslite (r) tm.

Recently CROCS launch of the first commercial version of CROCS LITERIDE, the world’s first non-toxic open source drug delivery system.

LiteRide’s revolutionary closed cell material, equally science and magic, underscores Crocs’ commitment to comfort and provides consumers with a delightful blend of support, sink and softness. Developed with science on an equal footing and with a little magic by the world’s leading drug delivery company, the revolutionary CROCS LITERIDE material reinforced Croc’s dedication to comfort and provided a wonderful combination of comfort and support to consumers. Developed with Equal Parts Science and Magic, LiteRides “revolutionary closed cell materials reinforce Krocs” commitment to comfort and provide consumers with a beautiful combination of support and soft backing.

LiteRide technology offers a high level of comfort, and the new, sleek design showcases modern Crocs styling to the highest degree. The industry – leading innovation in Croc’s LITERIDE technology, along with the company’s commitment to comfort and support – has created a new, more comfortable and comfortable version of the legendary CROCS. Never forget what ultimately answers your feet: LiteRides “solitary cellular material and revolutionary closed cellular materials create a beautiful blend of support and washbasin and soft consumer base.

Millions of children around the world are using Jibbitz charm to personalize their Crocs shoes to their liking, and as the science of comfort evolves and expands, this cultural collaboration will pay off for Crocks in 2019. Strict testing ensures that the CROCS can withstand the rigors of everyday use while delivering the iconic shoes we all know and love. Get your Crocas fans with the new LiteRide LITERIDE technology in the “Crocs Comfort,” available at select retailers in the US and Canada.

All of which bodes well for Crocs, given that their recent comeback in 2018 has been driven by several shaky years, including a near-bankruptcy in 2009, and that they have slowly regained the top spot in the global shoe market in recent years.

On July 21, 2014, Crocs Inc. announced that it would streamline its operations and workforce, eliminate 180 jobs and eliminate underperforming product lines. Since then, they have closed hundreds of poorly run stores, eliminated unpopular styles and shifted the company’s focus away from its classic foam clogs, which accounted for nearly 50 percent of sales.

Chief executive Andrew Rees took over in 2017, focusing on cutting underperforming lines, reducing Crocs inventories and investing in new products such as a new line of high-end footwear and a brand new product line. To remain relevant to shoppers and adapt to the upheavals in retail, Crocles needs to lead not only in innovation, but also in retail. According to a recent Wall Street Journal report, Reees “strategic shift is working.

He pointed to LiteRide, a lightweight foam wooden shoe sandal that the company launched in March, as a product innovation that convinced buyers. The most innovative comfort technology is foam, a combination of two of Crocs “most popular comfort materials: foam and polyurethane. In fact, the Lite Ride ™ foam is the original Crocles comfort material that consumers already know and love and that has remained unchanged since the early 1990s.

Crocs has found a way to renew its core style and is bringing out new comfort – focused designs to capitalise on this insight. Sporty trends, styles and silhouettes blend with the legendary Crocs comfort that consumers expect.

Crocs’ ongoing comfort research has revealed the latest line to follow and has increased use with technological breakthroughs. Recently, CROCS Malaysia also launched a new line of Crocs LITERIDE, the first and only high performance shoe with linear profile.

LITERIDE comes alive with a sporty trend – a silhouette that combines the legendary Crocs comfort that consumers expect from the world’s most popular shoe brand with the best comfort on the market. LITerIDE, the first and only high performance shoe with a linear profile, is brought to life, combining the sportiest trends in style and silhouette with the iconic Croc comfort of the most famous shoe brand.

By building momentum on these and other shoes, Crocs ™ provided consumers with innovative, fun and comfortable shoes that could be worn for a variety of lifestyles and occasions. Inspired by the changing lifestyle of modern consumers, the clogs are shaped around Crocs iconic shape and are worn in terms of their speed to inspire. When it comes to collaboration and design, the brand has found unique and exciting ways to push the boundaries, including a bottle opener mounted on a hatch Comb X Crots to celebrate National CroC Day. In addition, versions of the Croc – wooden shoes have been released in a wide range of colors, from glow – in – dark to glow in the dark, both alone and in collaboration with other brands.

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