February 20, 2021, Prince

Are AI and Machine learning the same? Let’s find out!!!

Very often, people use AI and machine learning interchangeably, but they are not the same. AI and machine learning holds a different meaning, and don’t worry, it is not difficult to understand. Typically, to explain these terms, programmers and researchers use a lot of tech jargon which is sometimes difficult to understand for a layman. Therefore, we have written an article without using a plethora of tech jargon to make this concept easier for you.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence gained importance in the 1950s, but it was restricted to solving simple problems that required human intelligence. For example, laying checkers or solving logical problems. Then, in the 80s, it started to play chess and started learning chess itself based on thousands of games played in the past. But then, it was not just restricted to chess, and researchers and programmers started exploring all other fields in which AI could be used. And fast forward to 2021, we are living in an age where every major tech-giant like Google, Apple, Amazon, etc. are using AI to enhance their user-database and provide to its users the best experience possible.

Well, there is no one proper definition of AI. You will find many variations in the definition of AI. But here is one definition which will give you a rough idea about Artificial Intelligence.

“Artificial Intelligence is the capability of a computer program to behave like a human brain.”

Well, one thing you need to understand is that we are still not able to replicate a human brain. The most advanced Artificial Intelligence model created by humans is Sophia which still cannot be compared to the wonders of the human brain. The science is still majorly concerned with “how” leaving behind “why.” For example, we can explain in detail the process of our thinking and how do we dream, but there is no answer to the question that, “Why do we dream?”

What is Machine Learning?

Why do you think Artificial Intelligence in the mid-50s to mid-80s was restricted to solving simple logical problems?

The stiff coded algorithms were unable to cope up with real-world problems. For example, remember that how did you learn to read? Did your teacher taught you some rules and directly gave you the best books of literature to read? This wasn’t the case, right? This is the same with Artificial Intelligence. You have to feed a machine a lot of data to let it figure out the rules, its implications, and the fraudulent cases to imply it in real-life problems. Machine learning is a subset of Artificial Intelligence that empowers it to tackle more complex problems in a much easier way.

Is Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning the same?

No, but they are related. Machine learning (and Deep learning) is a way to create Artificial Intelligence. Through Deep learning, a program can understand and act like a human brain.

Concluding Note:

Although the terms sound the same, these two terms are inherently different and should not be interchangeably used. Hope this article clears your understanding of both these terms.

Stay Safe and Keep Smiling!!!

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