August 13, 2020, ainerd

An iA Poem: Big Four Six

Automation adopters – o brave souls,

Placing your bets on such commendable goals.

So many are foiled by the “Big Four, Six”

When consultants haul in their big bag of tricks.

Six months tick away – where’s your ROI?

Not one bot in prod. Were the promises a lie?

When your “expert advisor” comes from the Big Four,

they send the novice hordes and supplement with more.

It’s not the tech you chose that’s holding you back,

It’s the people you hired and knowledge they lack.

Don’t give up on your automation dreams,

You need the right implementation team. 

It’s more than avoiding a funding drain,

true IA experts will max out the gain.

Succeeding at automation – in an ironic sense –

Depends precisely on human intelligence.

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