February 17, 2021, Prince

4 Companies using AI to develop their business!!!

Well, the big companies are bagging a lot of money by incorporating AI in their products. Although every company uses AI in different terms, one thing is common between them all, they all are making loads of profit. But can AI help these big companies to enhance their user experience? Is AI even worth giving a shot in 2021? Should you even think of incorporating AI in your company? Let’s find out with some examples.

Here are some companies who are using AI in their technology to enhance their user experience:


Well, we can certainly say that the AI world in cars is ruled by Tesla. Tesla is one of the biggest electric car manufacturers with around 29% global market share in the first quarter of 2020.

Tesla was initially collaborating with Nvidia for its AI integrated chips. But later on, Tesla started to manufacture its own AI integrated chips, which were designed to take the car not only through free roads but also through busy local streets and traffic signals. Tesla uses two AI chips to enhance the car’s performance. These chips work at 2GHz and are designed to perform around 36 trillion operations per second, assuring the consumers’ safety.


Do you know that every second, Twitter experiences around 6,000 tweets, accounting for around 500 million tweets per day?

Interesting, isn’t it? But then the question arises that how does Twitter manage to filter all the racist or politically extreme tweets which can create instability in the countries? The answer is simple- AI!!! In the past, Twitter was heavily criticized for not taking any strict actions against the persons posting an obscene, extremist, or racist tweet. So, Twitter, in 2017, started using AI to find these kinds of tweets to ban them and make their platform safe.


How can we talk about AI and leave Google out of the list?

Google’s interest in AI started in 2011 with the project Google Brain which was restricted to recognize images through neural networks. But now, of course, Google has expanded its team and the number of projects to AI development. Google Assistant is an exemplary product of the use of AI in apps. It accepts both voices as well as text commands and responds to them using its natural language processing. And the list does not end here; YouTube, Google’s self-driving cars, and many more products are all based on the effective use of AI and machine learning.


With 112 million US Amazon Prime subscribers Amazon records around $117 million worth of sales every hour. The other competitors like Walmart are not even near this number. Then how does Amazon can achieve this number of sales every day?

Well, one of the main reasons behind this number is its AI. Amazon’s AI understands its user’s preferences and their choices by their search keywords and the product they view, among many things. And this is not it; Amazon uses its AI in its Alexa, a product launched in 2014 and nowadays found in every household. It is similar to Google Assistant in functions, but they are based on two different machine learning programs.

Concluding Note:

The wave of AI has started, and it is not going to stop in the near future. Considering all of the big companies are now using AI and machine learning in their processes, the growth of AI in the coming years will be exponential. So, when are you planning to incorporate AI in your company?

Also, if you want to learn about AI from scratch, here is an article to help you out.

Stay Safe and Keep Smiling!!!

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Manav Chauhan

Seriously ? Google started working on AI in 2011 ? That’s quite interesting. It took them a hell lot of years to develop on AI.

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