February 26, 2021, Prince

3 ways AI is helping to tackle COVID 19!!!

“The coming era of Artificial Intelligence will not be the era of war, but be the era of deep compassion, non-violence, and love.”

– Amit Ray

The whole world froze in the year 2020 with the surge of COVID19. But one thing which was working at that moment was the human brain. Humans are unstoppable creatures, and we try to escape every bad situation by using our grey matter. To rescue humanity from the pandemic, researchers were putting some extra effort by taking the help of Artificial intelligence, commonly known as AI.

AI is concerned with the science of producing intelligent computer programs and intelligent machines that will help humans in the development of our mankind. Here is how this time, Artificial intelligence, i.e., AI, is helping us to tackle COVID19.

Here are some ways AI is helping to tackle COVID 19:

Track of COVID 19 Patients

This virus is very naughty, and tracking its strain was a big question. This is the point where AI played a major role. Artificial intelligence can collect a huge amount of data in the form of different applications and crunch it to track down the affected and unaffected areas and the number of affected and unaffected people in that area in the city. This way, we get to know which one is a green zone and which is a red zone, the zone of high alert. And what all security measures to take in that area.

End of rush hours

As the cities around the whole world were getting affected by the COVID19 virus at a fast pace. The need for health care services and rescue teams was increased. AI track down the traces of COVID19 patient, which one needs urgent healthcare service put them on the preference list and also mapped the available health care services around that patient like the number of hospitals in that area, the number of available beds, etc. this can end the rush hours for the patient and also helped in providing better health care services to them.

Monitoring via camera feeds and cloud technology

Countries are facing a major problem in supervising the affected people and stopping the transmission of the virus. It is nearly impossible for humans to keep a check on every single protective measure people are taking. For that huge amount of manpower is needed to report daily, which is using protective gears, who has visited the containment zone, this is a cumbersome process.

Along with the practical difficulties, all these measures cost a huge amount of money. AI can retrieve data from cloud-based systems that utilize a combination of visual analytics, mathematical, and neural network models to logically analyze existing video feeds of cameras from offices, malls or any other public and work stations. Videos will be analyzed by the real-time images and create the algorithms. This will issue an alert to the concerned safety officials about the proper usage of safety gear and sanitization protocols in the area. 

Concluding note:

AI is changing the way we used to perceive it earlier. With its deep learning and AI is all ready to help humans in every sector possible. To know more about how AI is helping in different sectors, check out this blog.

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