Chip Wagner, CEO ISG Automation, Breaks The Internet While Interviewing With Ai Nerd. Crushed It.

Chip Wagner, CEO ISG Automation spent 30 minutes with Ai Nerd breaking the internet with his insights and discussing some key topics in the intelligent automation industry. A bit of humor and a short discussion on tool belts too. Intelligent Automation Market RPA Movers and Shakers Automation Services Industry Strategic Acquisition of Nueralify Future Intelligent […]

  • ainerd
  • October 23, 2020

Moving to the Classified Cloud Isn’t A Secret.

Can Companies Move Government Technology To The Classified Cloud? First – if you are thinking of making a move to the federal market, in particular to the classified cloud, you are going to need some help.  You will need nearly perfected software and accreditation. One company in this space caught my attention: Sequoia Combine. The […]

  • ainerd
  • October 20, 2020

Ai Nerd Astonishes The World With New Series Helping Humanity.

Want to change your life? How about the world? Ai Nerd is helping humanity one issue at a time. I discuss ways to help humanity by giving rich, thoughtful and deep insights into: This humorous series – Helping Humanity, identifies some real experiences, stories, life lessons, and little tidbits of knowledge to improve not only […]

  • ainerd
  • October 20, 2020

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